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Mar 4, 2012 9:00am EST
states down in indiana as well. fortunately they are seeing cooperating weather for that. a clipper system into the plains. this is bringing in snow showers to the dakotas. it is a quick-moving storm. it will quickly move into the mid-atlantic and that brings a chance for snow showers in the mid-atlantic tomorrow as well. tomorrow what a drop in the temperatures. near zero in international falls in the northern part of minute men, 10 in minneapolis. 40's along the east coast. we can see that cold air pushing into florida or -- florida where miami is really the only warm tot spot now. western counties, dropping to near the freezing mark as you head into parts of western maryland. forecast today keeps most of western maryland chilly. 35 in counties like garrett. a couple snow showers possible. they could see up to an inch of accumulation overnight. baltimore a high of 49 just with the cloud cover today. looking mostly dry. showers still possible down along the eastern shore. showers still possible this evening down into southern maryland. baltimore mostly cloudy with a low down to 29.
Mar 4, 2012 5:00am EST
southern indiana. the national weather service's chief meteorologist is here hoping to determine the path of the storm. today as the growl of chainsaws replaced the tornado's roar, indiana's governor described the damage as incomprehensivible -- incomprehensible. >> among those found, a 2-year-old girl in a field. late today, word that the child's parents, brother and sister were all killed. she remains in critical condition. >> it chokes you up. you don't know where your family is. it chokes you. >> four were killed in west liberty alone. a deadly storm that hit 48 hours earlier. this church over 100 years old. now a jumbled pile of lumber. >> holy cow. oh, my gosh. >> across america's mid section, more than 100 tornados. in ohio where three people died, there was barely enough time to take cover. >> we went to the bathroom and all closed the door and peeked out the window and started seeing trees come out of the ground. >> one person also dead in alabama. the town of harvest flattened. they haven't finished rebuilding from a tornado that hit less than three months ago. >> we just g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2